FHL Newsletter (July – Sept 2022)

Since 2020 I have been serving as a volunteer in FHL Hospice I am very grateful for the many
opportunities given to visit patients with the nurses From these home visits, I gained various
experiences and insights During the home visits, I noticed some patients who suffer
unbearable pain and distress due to their illness They were also feeling helpless and
lonely The nurses and myself spent time listening to their stories, and helped to comfort,
encourage and support them.


I remember a patient, who was having breathing difficulty She was frowning and
experiencing great discomfort When we held her hand and comfort her, I noticed her facial
expression changed She started to relax and became calm What deeply impressed my
heart from these experiences is the impact and value of companionship It helps the patients
not to feel that they are not alone in their journey fighting against their illness.


FHL Newsletter (July-Sept 2022)

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