Tea Love

Ms Melinda is our late patient Mr Adrian’s wife. She has came up with an idea to help raise funds for FHL and a tribute to her husband. She has put together a mixture of tea leaves with the help of T&Co.


Each box consist of 3 tins of tea bags.


Liu Pao Cha
Jasmine & white tea
Red tea & lavender

Each tea set cost RM68. To purchase, kindly contact FHL Hospice staff Ms Angeline at  +6010 3930150 and she will take your orders.  (1 tea set comes with 3 tins of tea bags. No preferences of choice is allowed. Thank you for your understanding).


A lovely word from Ms Melinda:

FHL Hospice holds a special place in our hearts, as we have personally seen the way that they have cared for our loved ones and have made the lives of our beloved a more comfortable one, despite the various challenges faced from caring for a patient