Referral To FHL Care & Services

Patients must be referred by registered medical practitioners to provide necessary medical information by filling in FHL Patient Referral Form.

After receiving the Patient Referral Form, our clinical team will establish contact with the patient or the next of kin within 72 hours from the time of referral during working days. We will then arrange for a patient visit at their home.

Patients will first be visited at home by trained palliative care nurses to assess their palliative care needs. These trained palliative care practitioners will also coordinate the care with other team members to coordinate patient care accordingly to meet their needs.

We provide medical care through the use of medicines, medical equipment and liaison with medical practitioners from other healthcare facilities, as well as using non-pharmacological approaches to manage the patients’ needs.

Patients or their appointed caregivers are required to sign a consent form, which gives permission to the FHL team to provide palliative and hospice care for the patients at home. The written consent includes the agreement of disclosure of medical information for our record which will be kept confidential.

Process of Referral

Instructions to download (for medical practitioners)

Step 1

Click on the PDF logo.

Step 2

1. Key in the information directly OR
2. Print the form out and fill in manually

Step 3

Email to us at or WhatsApp us at (+6) 010-393 0150

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