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Faith Hope Love (FHL) Hospice Care Malaysia is a Christian charitable organisation providing free community palliative and hospice care services in the Klang Valley. Our clinical care services are provided for patients living with life-limiting illnesses such as stage 4 cancer and heart failure, regardless of ethnicities, religions, languages and socioeconomic status.


Our focus is to alleviate their distressing symptoms and discomfort through the use of medicines and non-medicinal approaches.


The journey of life for each individual is unique. FHL intends to care and support the patients and their families during their difficult times with these progressive sickness through a palliative care approach, as well as to also journey through with those who are bereaved after the passing of their loved ones.


Regular home visits are arranged by our clinical team to provide palliative and hospice care at their homes based on the patients’ needs. This specialised medical care is provided by our palliative care doctors and nurses and occupational therapist. They conduct assessment of patients’ needs, offer professional advice and medical treatments.


We also have non-medical volunteers who provide supportive care alongside the nurses during the home visits.


The clinical team maintains close contact with the patients and the caregivers through means of phone calls, emails, or text messages etc. We provide medicines to the patients on a short term basis while the patients wait for their continuous prescriptions and supplies from their respective primary medical doctors. We offer the loan of medical equipment to patients with a refundable deposit. Patients and families who have the financial capacity are encouraged to source for their own medicines and equipment.


We provide bereavement support to the grieving families who have difficulty coping with the loss of their loved ones. Grieving the death of a loved one can be a painful, lonely, apprehensive and sorrowful experience. It is the realization our loved ones are no longer around. Sometimes, it is difficult for us to know if the feelings and reactions we are experiencing are normal.


Society can encourage us to “get over it and get on with life,” leading to further pain and isolation. Grief is the natural response to profound loss and is the expression of the strong bond you had with the person who died. No two people grieve in exactly the same way and how we express our grief is influenced by many things, such as our religious and personal beliefs, the circumstances of the death, and how we have dealt with previous losses.

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